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1. Welcome young talents – We will take our students from all over India and will welcome all abilities and talents, providing the support that each student needs to be the best they can be.

2. Raise aspirations – We want our students, with the support of our trainers, to reach for the career they aspire for and to be able to choose their own futures. We will build their confidence, courage and self-esteem.

3. Try new ways of teaching – Our academy use different approaches to teaching and learning. For example, we use Outward Bound activities that develop great team-working and leadership skills.

4. Respect the environment – Our Academy building has been built to be environment friendly.


GLOBAL MARITIME STUDY providing Pre-Sea Training 6 month Course for CADET Ratings.We are a self contained unit in a very scenic and pollution free environment with salubrious climate. We have modern residential cabin type accommodation for trainees with a separate hostel facilities. The campus provides indoor sports facilities. We also provide swimming facilities for our Merchant Navy aspirants.

We offer highest level of training in Merchant Navy field with emphasis on safety, deck and engine maintenance. The Academy recognizes that good quality crew is the backbone of success in Ship Management.We are geared to providing a wholly student driven service. Our 9001:2008 certification are testimony to our endeavors.The Academy recognizes the importance of first-rate crew in the successful ship operation. Currently we are providing crew to more than 100 ships, owned by the most reputable ship owners. We intend to recruit smart, young and intelligent candidates who want to pursue their Merchant Navy career. After undergoing 6 months of Pre-sea training they will be boarded on ships as Deck Crew or Engine Crew. The campus is planed to grow manifold into Marine Engineering courses in near future.

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